The Nauvoo Pageant Presidency

Wishes to invite you to the 2018 Nauvoo & British Pageants. Come stroll the streets and tour the historic homes. Experience the majestic Nauvoo Temple. And don't miss these inspirational Pageant performances. We hope to see you there!

Nauvoo Pageant

2018 Dates: July 10 - Aug 4 (Tues - Sat)

We are so excited for the upcoming Nauvoo & British Pageants in Nauvoo, Illinois this summer! The Pageant performances begin at 8:30 PM with the Pageant's Preshow Celebration and Country Fair starting at 7:00 PM. There are two pageants performed on alternating nights in Nauvoo each summer. The British Pageant usually has a dress rehearsal on Monday evenings, and is officially performed on Wednesdays & Fridays. The Nauvoo Pageant is performed Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays. There are 20 pageant performances to see and so many lovely historic homes to visit. And the Nauvoo Temple is an experience not to be missed. There really has never been a better time to visit Nauvoo!

A Video Glimpse of the Nauvoo Pageant

A Cast of Hundreds on Stage

The performers consist of a core cast of 20 professional quality actors who perform the speaking parts. They are joined by over a hundred more families, couples and individuals each evening. The core cast serves all summer while the five ensemble family casts serve on a rotating schedule during the pageant season. These ensemble family casts consist of over 600 individuals who volunteer their time to perform each week. These cast members range in age from young todlers to senior citizens. They come from the US, Canada, England and abroad to participate. These dedicated cast members make the Nauvoo & British Pageants come to life telling the true, historic events of Nauvoo.

Many Hundreds more behind the scenes

Hundreds of volunteers make sure costumes, food, stage, lighting and other aspects of the pageant run smoothly. These dedicated volunteer staff members spend countless hours making sure every detail is just right. A work crew of over 20 young men donates their services for weeks before and during the pageant season. Others donate supplies that are used in the pageant's Preshow Celebration & Country Fair that is held at 7:00 PM each evening before the pageant performance at 8:30 PM Tuesdays through Saturdays.

Young Performing Missionaries in The British Pageant

Images from the Pageants

The joy of the early saints in Nauvoo is portrayed in the pictures taken over the years. Here are some of our favorites! See Pageant Pictures

Young Cast Members pulling a handcart in the Preshow Celebration's Country Fair

Have you Ever wondered what it is like to be a Pageant Cast Member?

Serving as a cast member in the Nauvoo & British Pageants in Nauvoo, Illinois is an incredible experience. Here are some video clips from the 2016 pageant season. Get a behind the scenes glimpse at this unique service opportunity. See "A Day In The Life of a Cast Member" Video Series.  See Videos

The Pageant's Preshow Celebration and Country Fair

The Pageant's Country Fair is a favorite of pageant guests. Each night of the pageant at 7:00 PM, guests are invited to stroll the pageant field and take part in over 20 different activites from the 1840's Nauvoo era. Guests saw logs, dance round dances, tie quilts, see puppet shows, play stick ball, try stick pull and stilts, tie rugs, and much, much more. As the sun sets, young pageant guests join a bagpipe parade signaling the beginning of the Pageant performance at 8:30 PM.   See Fair Pictures

Service Project Opportunities

The Pageant accepts donations of items used in the Pageant's Preshow Celebration & Country Fair. These items include Whirligigs, Hankie Dolls, Rag Strips, Sock Puppets and other items. The thousands of pageant guests that enjoy the Country Fair each evening use these items, and some are even given as souvenirs. These service opportunites work great for Eagle Scout projects, family projects, and church youth or other groups. If you are interested in helping with these items,   see Service Opportunities here.

There has never been a better time to visit Historic Nauvoo. We will see you there!
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